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Here are the Pics of the 99 Trans Am



Here are the 99 Pontiac TransAm Pics. This car doesn't need a big introduction... The name and the looks tell it all... However, in case you don't recognize it, this is a 99 Pontiac TransAm with "Ram Air" (also known as a 99 Pontiac TransAm with a WS6 Performance Package).

The WS6 Performance Package among other things include the all aluminum V8-5.7Liter "LS1" Engine (the same Engine as the Corvette) with "Ram Air" generating 320HP, 17" Rims with "Good Year Eagle 1" Tires and a lot more High Performance Equipment.

As you'll see on the Trans Am Pics below, it's all original and I am planning to keep it that way for as long as I can. However, once it starts requiring repairs, I might start making changes to improve its performance, even though it's quite a kick to drive as is. I get a lot of compliments from almost everyone. What amazes me the most is children's reaction when they see the car. I am talking about children as young as toddlers.

They all get excited and react in different ways, toddlers usually just point at the Car, older children tell me how much they like the Car, others ask me to spin the wheels, etc.I can understand older children's appreciation for Muscle Cars, however, I wonder why toddlers without knowing anything about Cars, react the way they do. Perhaps the Trans Am reminds them of "KIT" the car in the "Night Rider" TV show? Or the "Batmobile" from "Batman"?

The Trans Am doesn't have much History yet, however, there were a couple of incidents worth mentioning. About a month after I bought the Car, I had a flat on the highway. The passenger side rear tire blew-up for no apparent reason (no sign of nail or anything else, just a hole on the thread). By the time I brought the car to a stop, the tire was destroyed, so I had to replace it.

Again a couple of years later the Driver's side rear tire blew-up also on the highway. This time the tire didn't get destroyed before I stopped, but because the hole was on the sidewall of the tire, it couldn't be repaired, so I had to buy another new tire.

Also the retractable antenna had to be replaced twice (shame on me). I got two antennas broken going through the automatic Car Wash (I forgot to retract them). To replace them was a breeze, I did it myself in a few minutes, but they were expensive.

The "Serpentine" Belt has also been replaced a couple of times. It started squeaking, so the GM dealership replaced it both times at no charge (the car was still under warranty).


  • It has the LS1 Corvette Engine.

  • WS6 Performance Package with Ram Air 320HP.

  • 17" Rims with Good Year Eagles F1 (like the Corvette).

  • 275/40/17 wide Tires

  • And a lot more... Read below.

Webmaster's Comments:

This is one of my Cars. I don't have anything else to add to what I wrote above.

Here are some of the 99 Trans Am Pics:

Trans Am Front

Here is a small Pic of the Front of the Trans Am. Click on it to enlarge.

Here is a small Pic of the Rear of the Trans Am. Click on it to enlarge for better detail.

Trans Am Rear
Trans Am Side

Here is a small Pic of the passenger Side of the Trans Am with the T-Tops removed. Click on it to enlarge and see it close up.

Here is a Pic of the Driver's Side and the Rear. Click on it to see a larger Pic.

Trans Am

Trans Am Interior

Here is a small Pic of the Inside of the Trans Am. This Pic was taken with the T-Tops removed. Click on it to enlarge.

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